Crazy Fake Taxi


Crazy Fake Taxi – The Fake Taxi Game Parody

It’s rare to see a game parody based on a porn site, but the creators of this game though it will be a good idea to make an xxx game parody based on the famous Fake Taxi. And they were absolutely right. I simply love this game. Not just because it is based on a website that is one of my favorites. I love it from an objective point of view. The gameplay is what really impressed me about Crazy Fake Taxi.

That’s because it has customization, it has kink variety, and it will let you drive around before you fuck your passengers on the back seat. It also features lesbian fake taxi sex and that’s the element that will make you fall in love with the game. Read our Crazy Fake Taxi review below to find out more about this title.

The Gameplay in Crazy Fake Taxi

The gameplay in this title will start with the customization part. You will first have to choose your driver. There are two male drivers, one of which is a black guy, and then there’s a female driver. Once you chose your driver, you will choose your passenger. The three girls that you can fuck all have different personalities. One of them is a party girl, another is a regular office lady, and the third one is a dominatrix.

The different combinations between the driver and the passenger will result in different sex scenes, which makes the gameplay longer, because you can go back and try other pair-ups. In the same time, you will get to customize your car. You can add suspensions and nitro, and you can choose from three different taxi styles. Once you finished your customization, you will get to drive around, looking for places where to fuck your passengers. Honestly, I don’t remember playing car sex games before. There are other sex games with cars, but none of them are featuring actual sex inside of a car. So, if you have a taxi driver fantasy, this title is the one that will help ease the craving a bit.

Review Pros

  • High Customization
  • Long Gameplay
  • Lesbian Fake Taxi Included

Review Cons

  • Graphics Look A Bit Old

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