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VR Fuck Dolls – Sex With Perfect Chicks

VR Fuck Dolls is one of those games which is offering a lot of customization, but in the same time it gives you default babes you wouldn’t want to customize. It’s probably the game with the hottest video game characters in the world of online adult gaming, because they paid a lot of attention to the details on these chicks’ bodies. Not only that, but it also comes with a gameplay that will let you do all kinds of things to all the hot chicks they put at your disposal. It’s one of the most realistic sex games of the moment and it’s only in beta, which means that it will get even more awesome when they will finish working out all the details. Let’s see what this game is offering.

The VR Porn Games Experience

When the game says VR they don’t mean actual VR. They just mean that the virtual babes of this game are super close to reality. But the babes are so hot that I hope they will give us the chance to enjoy them in VR. As I said, the attention to details are what makes this game so awesome. The bodies of this chicks look so realistic because you can see on them every muscle, every skin fold, all those goose bumps and all the freckles and beauty marks, the ring of their assholes have those cute little wrinkles and their pussies are so detailed. Also, all the characters have different bodies, with different traits and different pussies. It’s not the same body but with different faces. And then there’s the customization, which will let you play with the size of their asses and tits, with the color and style of their hair and also with the sex skills they have. When it comes to gameplay, all the sex you’re going to have with these realistic babes will reward you with experience points, which in turn will help you increase all the sex skills of your character until you turn her into the perfect woman. VR Fuck Dolls is really a game from the next generation and I bet they will keep improving on it.

There’s Also A Bonus With VR Fuck Dolls

VR Fuck Dolls comes on a site that offers 43 other games as bonus. These games are not as amazing as VR Fuck Dolls, but some of them are pretty close. Amongst the titles you will find games that will satisfy so many of your fantasies. There are BDSM simulators, VR sex games, even some parody games like the one based on GTA, or The Game of Bone which is probably the best GoT game parody out there. But the main game in the offer is VR Fuck Dolls. It’s free, it can be played straight into your browser, and the only problem with it is the fact that it will take about a minute or two to load, because it is pretty big. Other than that, it’s one of the best online sex games of the moment.

Review Pros

  • Most Realistic Online Game
  • Character Customization
  • Amazing Detail

Review Cons

  • Loading Takes A Minute

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