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World of Whorecraft – Fuck Sexy WoW Characters

Playing WoW for hours every day can get you to fall in love with some of the sexy characters in that awesome universe. Well, that’s why I’m sure you will be pleased to find out that they launched the new World of Whorecraft porn game, which will bring you all the sexy blood elves and night elves you always wanted to see naked. This game will take you through the entire World of Warcraft lore in some of the kinkiest ways. There’s a lot of sex diversity in the gameplay of this title, not just point and click with naked elves. And also, the graphics are matching the style of the original game. If you always looked for good WoW porn parody games, but you were always disappointed in what you found, this time things are about to change. Find out why World of Whorecraft is so awesome from this next review.

The Variety Of Kinks in World of Whorecraft

Besides the excellent graphics that makes this game look so much like the original, another strong feature that makes it a must-play title is the kink in the gameplay. I like that they offer us action from soft to hardcore. There are erotic scenes in which you will get to please some solo characters which are also giving you some Jerk Off Instructions through text dialogue, there’s hardcore fucking, which is mostly one on one action, either between a male and a female character, but also between lesbian WoW characters, and then there is the extreme part of the game, which means threesomes, gang bangs, anal sex and female submission, and lots of cum play. You will get to experience all these kinks in the same game. Just choose the sexual intensity level you want and a world of fantasy will open up to you. All in all, World of Whorecraft is one of the best free parody sex games out there, not only when it comes to the WoW fandom, but in general. Even the soundtrack matches the original, adding to the immersion and to the feeling that you actually play the real game and Blizzard finally decided to get naughty.

Review Pros

  • WoW Game Parody
  • Graphics Match The Original
  • Different Kink Levels

Review Cons

  • Game Is Big
  • Might Load Slow

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