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Westsluts – The Westworld Game Parody

Westsluts is one of the most recent projects that really impressed me. They got the whole western porn theme right, but they also modeled the game on the Westworld story. If you want to be a horny cowboy who explores the Wild West searching for pussy, then this is the game you need to play. Not only that, but it will give you the chance to use your pistol and shoot sheriffs and outlaws in your quest for the best pussy in the west.

If watching Westworld got you all worked up with naughty thoughts about Dolores or Maeve, then this game will sure calm down some of those fantasies. However, the game doesn’t feature that futuristic component in which you get to see the behind the scenes of the Westworld adventure park. But since the game is still in beta, we can hope that by the time they launch the full version we will also get to fuck Charlotte in a room full of robots.

The Characters and Gameplay of Westsluts

The two main characters of this site are modeled based on Dolores and Maeve. But Dolores is a bad ass cowgirl in this game. She is only wearing a sexy cowboy hat and a pistol belt. Her body is amazingly designed. She has big tits and thin waist, with long legs and a blonde hairy pussy. I like the small details they added, such as tan lines and beauty marks. On the other hand, Maeve is wearing that big dress of hers, which you will lift up and fuck her sweet round ass right on the floor of the saloon. In the same time, there are lots of other generic cowgirls that you will get to fuck in the game.

Just walk around town looking for trouble. You will have to shoot some fuckers if you want to get all these chicks, but this is what will make the game more interesting. The overall vibe is pretty brutal, with shooting violence and aggressive sex. I can’t wait till they finish with the beta and launch the full version.

Review Pros

  • Westworld Porn Parody
  • Open World Porn Game
  • Famous Characters

Review Cons

  • Game Still In Beta

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