DickDolls: Tranny Porn Game Review:

DickDolls is a transgender game all about "chicks with dicks", not my words, the words of this fucking game developer that should've really fucking learnt by now, that this is offensive! Like most, transgender games (yes, there are plenty fucking more awesome transgender games to choose from), DickDolls gives you loads of options for how you want your hot chick to look. You create a character before you begin playing the game. You can make her look any fucking way you please, she must have a dick, but other than that, you are free to customize your sexy chick in any way you like. Once you have completed customizing your hot chick, you can get to playing the game. This game involves exploring a really fun fucking world, meeting new people and fucking their fucking brains out. Most of the chicks in this game have a dick and a pussy, like a lot of cartoon "shemale" games, so there is plenty of options when it comes to the porn scenes.

Who was DickDolls made for?

Good fucking question! I doubt DickDolls was created for trans people as the women in the game have dicks and pussies, this doesn't suggest that DickDolls is a true to life portrayal of a trans person's life, does it? Just like many porn games, I would say that DickDolls was created for any fucker interested in porn games. Although DickDolls isn't true to life, there are plenty of fucking ways of making it as close to real-life as possible.

For example, you can customize your sexy character as much as you please as I said. Your sexy lady can have loads of different hair color, boob sizes, be petite or a bit larger and ready for action. So, I suppose DickDolls was created for porn gamers that want to explore a fantasy world of hot women fucking other hot women with some hard as fuck dicks. However, because each woman in this game has a cock and a pussy, this means that the fucking possibilities (in every sense) is pretty much unlimited.

Are the graphics in DickDolls good?

Hell yeah, they are. One of the best fucking things about DickDolls is that the graphics are fucking amazing! On my screen right fucking now I am watching a hot as fuck character suck their own massive dick and play with their pussy. Her tits are perfectly lit, her face looks real as the fuck, and her body is to die for. So, the graphics in this game are exceptional. DickDolls has some of the best graphics of any porn game ever created, and yet it also has a pretty enjoyable storyline too, this can be quite rare for a porn game, to be honest.

The reason good graphics and a nice storyline are a rare combination in games is because many game developers typically focus on one or the other. So most games can have great graphics and really get you deep into the action of the porn scenes. Or a porn game can have a nice storyline that focuses on your character as they travel around a world that doesn't look too good. However, every so often in this crazy porn game world, a game like DickDolls comes along and has both!

Is DickDolls free?

No, DickDolls isn't free, but before you click away, hear me out, because it is damn worth your money. If you are thinking about buying DickDolls, understand that your money isn't just buying you this porn game. DickDolls is part of the FreeAdultRPG network. When you buy DickDolls, you get access to all of the fucking games on this network. That is hundreds of fucking games that are fucking amazing fun to play. However, you also get a shit load of porn for your money too. This porn can be anything from user-made porn from the games to porn scenes from the biggest names in the fucking business.

So, while DickDolls and other great games are not free, there are plenty of great fucking reasons to consider buying them. If the amazing graphics in this porn game haven't convinced you that DickDolls is worth a squirt, perhaps the fact that you get access to fucking hundreds of games and porn scenes when you buy this game will, it is fucking awesome!

Are there any other tranny porn games?

Yes, there are. Trans people reading this won't be surprised to know that many games with trans characters in follow in the same line as DickDolls does. By this I mean, it is more "chick with a dick" stuff that is more suited to people just wanting to fuck the shit out of anything that moves, rather than see what it's like to live as a sexy trans person. However, every so often a great fucking trans game comes out that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in porn gaming, just like DickDolls did with its graphics, and that game is well worth checking out by everyone. Porn games are being released all the fucking time now, and so you need a place to find out about the best ones, but where? Well, I am glad you asked!

Where to find the best shemale games

You can find the best tranny games, just like DickDolls, right here. I have played and reviewed all of these games, and I am here to tell you every-fucking-thing you need to know about them. On this porn game review site, you'll find in-depth articles about the latest fucking amazing tranny games and shit loads more. I want you to come here when you need a new porn game to play and find the perfect one. Whether you want to get down and bloody dirty with a game like DickDolls or play a sex simulation game that allows you to explore the world of a trans woman, you'll find all the porn games you need, right here.

Review Pros

  • Amazing shemale games
  • Multiplayer mode is fantastic
  • Loads really quick

Review Cons

  • Nothing...

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