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What Exactly is Free Sex Games? is one of the premier adult gaming websites there is in the UK! If you're an adult gamer you know that there are some games where you could really do with a little more adult content. Think babes with huge tits bouncing around on the screen, hentai story mode games where you can play all your favorite hentai babes and fuck everything, games where you can be the big dick dude on a college campus and fuck all the hot coeds. These ideas are no longer a fantasy but a reality! is bringing free adult sex games right to your computer.

Are all the games free to play?

Yes! That’s the great part about all the adult games on the site are free! You can either log in and play online to save your progress or even play from your mobile phone or tablet! There are hundreds of games to choose from on this hot site and even more, being uploaded all the time. Check them out right here! There are some games on the site that allow you to pay for extras though if you decide but their main game is still free. This means that you can pay for things like ad-free gaming, extra costumes, more characters and more!

Can I play with friends?

You sure can! Anyone can log in and play as long as they are over 18. If you want to invite your friends, you can have them all playing a game with you in a dedicated server or you can play with complete strangers. Your gaming companions are completely up to you but the bigger the group the better the fun in most cases If you don’t want to play with friends that’s an option too! You can play completely solo and there are a lot of solo games to play. When you play by yourself you have the option to be as dirty as you want to which can be really freeing for some players. Any way you play is up to you. Try some free games or play anonymously with strangers. Maybe even make a friend or two on the website!

What are the categories on

There are a ton of different categories of games that you can play! The games can be broken down by orientation so you can play as gay or straight or even lesbian. The lesbian games are all hot babes that want to fuck each other. Even if you are a dude you can design your favorite hot chick and see what it would be like if you were a girl that like girls. The gay games are mainly for other dude loving dudes but even if you are straight, you can explore your wildest gay fantasies. There are point and click games that have a lot of different styles. One type of game is like a comic strip, you follow along with the storyline and can read the comic as a dude gets his cock sucked and he cums all over a huge pair of tits. The animation is great and the point and click style means you can keep one hand on your cock and the other on the mouse so you can feel good in more than one way. Puzzle games can be fun for a lot of members. In puzzle games you are tasked with solving riddles, moving blocks and more. The farther you get the naughtier things are unlocked. Maybe the first puzzle is just seeing a pair of tits and the last is joining in on a hot threesome. Hentai games are always popular in porn gaming. The babes that are in hentai games are animated and usually hot as fuck. These girls want to do all kinds of things from having hot threesomes to doing solo work. If you choose a solo game, you can be the one controlling the hot hentai babes’ massive toys! Your only goal is to get her to cum a hard as she can before you cum in your pants! There are so many more categories than that as well! Check them all out or stay with your favorite category, it is all up to you!

Do I have to make an account to play games on

There are two options for you to play games. If you do decide you want to make an account then you can save and even rate your favorite games, plus you are in a community of a lot of other horny people who like to play free games too! If you don’t want to make an account, you can still, play whatever games you want to! That means that some of your progress probably won't be saved unless you keep the game open but a lot of games are can be finished in under an hour and you can start over whenever you want to get a new storyline, click to your favorite comic or start your harem of hungry cum sluts all over again in a new way!

What is the subscribe button for?

There are so many new games being made all the time that its hard for one person to keep track of them all. has a subscribe option so you can keep track of all the hot new games being added all the time. If you decide that you don’t want the notifications of new games, then you can always unsubscribe as well with absolutely no penalty to you besides maybe missing out on the hottest new naughty game.

What are gaming streams?

Gaming streams are where you can watch as other people play the games live. This means that you won't be paying yourself, but a hottie will be making a bunch of decisions in whatever game she is playing for the night. It may sound boring to some people but watching a hot chick on camera talking about all the naughty things she loves about the game can be just as exciting as playing the game yourself. You can even split the screen so you are playing the same game as she is, and it would make it feel like she is talking right to you!

Is there a rating system for the games?

Sometimes! There are different categories, and some are marked as the top games right now in their category. If you decide to make an account, you can rate the games and even comment on them to let other players know if you liked the game and why. You can read other people's comments as well. If enough people rate a game, it's going to be easy to find the ones that have the best quality with the best action so help out other players and play games and rate them!

What are the games forums?

Porn game forums are other sites where you can just chat with players who play the same games as you do. Some of the games can get really in-depth and have a lot of different options. When you join in on a forum you can talk about anything from how the game is going, what your favorite part of the game was or any cheat codes you can try to skip ahead or unlock special skills, maybe even get ahead a level or two. Porn games can be just as serious as regular gaming and there is a community of horny people who love to play the games! Join in on the fun and talk about your fantasies and gameplay with others!

What are porn mods?

Porn mods can sometimes be added to games that you already have! There are a ton of different mods out there for different games that will make your characters get naked, have sex, do oral and more. Some people out there decided that instead of making full games they would add the fun stuff to the games they already play, and a lot of the mods are free!

Are there VR games?

Virtual reality is getting so much more popular and for some pretty great reasons. In VR you can feel like you are in the game. You are completely surrounded and immersed once you put on the headset and now with VR games, it's not about just watching but about moving around and playing too. There are some free VR games that have been released that fans can try out to see if they like them. Just remember you have to have a headset that is compatible with the game to play!

Do I have to download the games?

Yes and no! There are some really fun downloadable games on the site and then there are ones that you can play straight for your desktop on the site. What you decide to do is up to you but if you want to take the game on the go you may as well find a downloadable one and play all the time!