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Toon Sex Games – Cartoons Get Horny Too

Watching all the popular animation series can be fun, but the creators of these shows are a bit evil. They sometimes put some awesome asses and nice titties on their characters, or they give them some sexy personalities that makes us fall in love with them. And when I say fall in love with them, I mean that we get lots of kinky thoughts that run around our dirty minds. That’s right! You’re not the only one with fantasies about railing cartoon chicks. Not only that you’re not alone in this kink, but there are guys out there who started developing cartoon games with your favorite characters. You can find some of those awesome games on Toon Porn Games. Let’s talk about them!

Who’s Featured on Toon Games

Toon Games is mostly based on the popular adult cartoons from the USA. The main series that got spoofed in this adult games collection are The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Rick and Morty and Futurama. But what I like about this collection is how well designed the sexy chicks and horny dudes are. They look exactly like in the original series, but they get extra naughty in these games. Amongst the hot babes that you will get to see naked in this cartoon porn games collection you will find Lois, Marge, Francine Smith and her daughter Hayley, Leela from Futurama, or Summer and Beth from Rick and Morty. Even Lisa Simpsons get’s naughty here. And the dudes with whom you will fuck them are also from all these famous cartoons. And the sex scenarios are insane. You can read more about it in the following paragraph.

The Gameplay Is Shameless on Toon Sex Games

Some other sites have games with cartoon characters, but it’s mostly featuring point and click solo action. Not on this site, though. Here you will find some of the wildest scenarios. Although you will get scenes in which you will use Peter to fuck Lois or Homer to fuck Marge, in most of the games, these wives are total cheating whores. Not only that, but the big majority of sex scenes on this site are all about taboo family sex. If you have siblings sex fantasies, you will love the Bart and Lisa scenes. There’s mom and son sex with Chris and Lois.

And there’s even mom and daughter lesbian sex with Francine who fucks her daughter Hayley with a strap on. As you can see, besides the kink of hot and naked cartoon characters, the games of Toon Porn Games also come with perverse sex between family members. That’s why you have to take care when playing these games. Make sure no one catches you in the act. They even have a warning about this on their site. That’s about all you need to know when it comes to the Toon Games collection. Now you can just go and play. It’s completely free and it’s insanely dirty.

Review Pros

  • Famous Cartoon Characters
  • Taboo Family Sex
  • Porn Game Parodies

Review Cons

  • Games Can't Be Downloaded

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