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Sex Simulator – Simulate Your Deepest Fantasies

There are lots of sex simulators on the internet, but most of them are focusing on bringing you a experience that’s as close to reality as possible. Well, in the case of this Sex Simulator, things are a bit different. The game that you are about to play will give you the chance to simulate your deepest fantasies. Not only that you will get to simulate the sex acts, but you will get to do this in some really sexy scenarios. This is the beauty of Sex Simulator. It features some of the wildest kinks you can imagine and the characters are just awesome. It’s not just plain girls you will get to fuck. All characters have something special and they come with a story. You can read more about Sex Simulator in our next review.

The Fantasies Of Sex Simulator

First of all, the sex simulator will let you choose the character with whom you will fuck all the sexy chicks in the game. Besides the fact that you can choose to be a man or a woman, you can also be a trans character, with big tits and nice big cock. After that, you will get to choose your partner’s age. You can choose between Teen, MILF and Mature. But this is a bit unproper, because what they feature as MILFs are really chicks that look like they are 30 years old and what they feature as Mature are characters that would better fit in the MILF category. But I guess that when it comes to age categories, everything is blurry in the adult world. Once you chose your perfect couple, it’s time to choose your fantasy. You can select between classroom, for all your teacher and schoolgirl fantasies, spaceship, for all the futuristic fantasies, the kitchen, the study room, or the bathroom. There’s also a special family fantasy option in which you can enjoy your taboo sex fetish.

How’s The Sex In The Sex Simulator

The team behind Sex Simulator put in some work to create a diverse gameplay which is offering you the chance to try all the sex acts and positions you want. First of all, there’s the pussy drilling, which looks amazing because they added nice details to the vaginas, including dripping wetness and squirting. Then there’s the many anal sex options, which are shoot from amazing angles that make the action even hotter. Also, when you fuck the babes in the ass, the moaning turns into screams. In the same time you will get to enjoy a lot of great cock sucking and deepthroating, nice hand jobs and titty fucking and so many ways of cumshots that you will be amazed. With so much gameplay, you might think that the game is huge. Well, it is pretty big, but you can still play it directly into your browser. You might have to wait a bit for the whole thing to load, but it’s totally worth it. Especially since Sex Simulator is completely free.

Review Pros

  • Simulate Fantasies
  • Can Play As Trans
  • Lots of Sex Acts

Review Cons

  • Not a single thing...

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