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Cartoon Sex Games – Your Childhood Is Kinkily Ruined

All the cartoons you’ve been watching over the years have some characters that made you think you could have a good time fucking them. It’s not only the way they draw them, which to be honest is clearly done with sexual intentions, but it’s also the way the characters are built. Their personality that develops over the season makes them so sexy and fuckable. Who doesn’t want to fuck Lois from Family Guy or Marge from The Simpsons? Well, if you have a thing for sexy cartoon characters, then you just came across over the kinkiest cartoon porn games website. It’s simply called Cartoon Sex Games and has just that. Lots of famous cartoon characters in wild dirty sex that you will get to control in an interactive adult gaming experience. Here’s what the site has to offer.

The Sexy Characters of Cartoon Games

Cartoon Games is based mostly on the American cartoon scene, with titles that will bring you characters from the series Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama and American Dad. There are some things that I really like when it comes to the characters. The main feature is that they recreated them exactly like in the original series. It’s amazing to see that Lois, Marge, Francine Smith, Hayley Smith, or Leela from Futurama are looking exactly like you know them, with the difference that in these games you will get to see their boobs, pussies and cute asses, which I bet is a wish you have ever since you started watching all these cartoons. They even wear the same clothes and I don’t know how they managed to do this, but they actually moan in voices that seem so much like the original. However, there aren’t any voiceover dialogue, but I guess that would have been a bit harder.

Kinky Action In Cartoon Games

Cartoon Games is not just your characters getting naked. It’s not a point and click game in which you will use dildos and bodyless dicks to fuck them. In these games you will have interesting and exciting sex scenarios that you will get to play. The characters do fuck their partners from the original story, but there are also so many family sex scenarios. For example, Lois is getting fucked by Chris, Bart from the Simpsons fucks his sister Lisa, even the Smith siblings from American dad are getting it on in the living room on the couch. The sex is dirty and rough in most cases, with deepthroat blowjobs, with anal, and with lots of jizz flying everywhere. But you must be warned. The action can get pretty intense and it has a lot of female submission, but also female domination. It doesn’t have as much lesbian sex as I would have like, but I guess we can’t have absolutely everything. All in all, Cartoon Games will sure please all your fantasies with the famous cartoon characters that run in your dirty mind. You really need to try it!

Review Pros

  • Famous Cartoon Characters
  • Characters Like In The Original Cartoons
  • Family Sex Fantasies

Review Cons

  • No Voice-overs

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