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Monster Sex Games – Chase and Fuck Chicks

If you are into total female submission because you like to see fear on the babes that you are fucking, then you will get some release for that kink of yours in the collection of Monster Games. The games of this site are featuring some of the craziest monster porn games, in which helpless girls are chased by monsters who are forming themselves on them until they give up and let themselves fucked by gross dicks. If this dirty kind of action is for you, then you should read the rest of our Monster Games review and find out what makes this collection so awesome.

The Monster Kink Is Extreme on Monster Sex Games

The monster fantasy on this site is taken to an extreme with awesome design and some kinky monster ideas. Most of the monsters have humanoid forms. There is one type of monster that shows up in multiple games. The site is not giving us a backup story of the origins of this monster, but they look a bit like Voldermort from Harry Potter, without having any connection with him. On the other hand, there are also some alien monsters, one game with a centaur type of monster, one with a dog monster and even one in which the monster is a spider with a huge dick. When it comes to the chicks, they are all gorgeous. Most of them are also humans, but there is a game in which the chick fucked by monsters is some kind of busty fairy with wings, and another game in which the babe is an elf. All the games are about monsters fucking helpless chicks except one. In this one title you will get the reverse of the fantasy. It’s a game in which a horny chick has a dungeon full of captive zombies and she uses them for her twisted sex adventures.

Graphics and Gameplay on Monster Games

The graphics of these games are excellent. The girls look pretty normal, with the exception that more than half of them have overly sized boobs. That’s perfect if you like busty chicks, but on the other hand, I would have loved to see some petite teen characters in trouble with these terrible creatures. On the other hand, most monsters aren’t that gorse either. Most of them are muscular and with some pretty big dicks. The developers used this style because through the gameplay the chicks will start to like getting fucked by these monsters, which just adds to the kinkiness of the game play. When you have a game in which the babe is screaming at the beginning, but by the end of the fuck session she waits for the cum load like a good little slut, you will feel like you did a good job fucking her with your monster avatar. All in all, if you are into this lore, then the Monster Games will sure please your fantasies.

Review Pros

  • Various Types of Monsters
  • Aggressive Sex
  • Female Submission

Review Cons

  • No Tentacle Monsters

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