The Game of Bone

The Game of Bone – It’s Game Of Thrones, But Porn

Game of Thrones was an incredible source of porn parodies along the years. When you think about it, it’s not even hard to make an XXX spoof based on the story. Everything is so sexually intense and all characters are either horny or slutty. Although there were some attempts at a Game of Thrones porn game parody, they weren’t so successful. That until The Game of Bones was launched, which is unbelievable. They knew what characters to choose from the original story and how to pair them up in such way that the action will be just crazy. I’ve been enjoying this game more than once, and I know all the details that will make you want to play it tonight. Check them out in this fresh review.

The Characters You’ll Fuck In This Game

When it comes to Game of Thrones, there are lots of characters to have a crush on. But by far the best three of them are Cersei, Daenerys and Margaery. These are the three chicks you will get to enjoy in The Game of Bone. And the way they were recreated is matching reality is a wonderful way. It’s like you’re watching the original show. And since you know already know how they look naked, you will see for yourself that the developers did a great job designing them. Now let’s see what kinky adventures these three slutty babes have been getting themselves into.

The Sex Play In The Game of Bones

The gameplay comes with some maddening sex scenes. You will get to play with these characters through wild scenarios. A fourth character that’s featured in this game is Tyrion, who is having the time of his life in a threesome on the Iron Throne with his sister Cersei and the hot Margaery. In the same time, there’s a fifth character, Khal Drogo, who is featured in that classic sex scene in which he fucked Daenerys for the first time. On top of that, you will get the three hotties in a lesbian adventure, but also in a gangbang with soldiers. I’m not going to tell you more. I’m just going to let you play. Enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Excellent Porn Game Parody
  • Features Scenes From The Story
  • Incest Sex Action

Review Cons

  • Characters Don't Say Anything

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