BangerLands 3


Bangerlands 3 – An Amazing Porn Game Parody

Bangerlands 3 is a porn game parody based on the famous original Borderlands 3. The action is pretty similar. You are living an adventure in the same kind of dystopian universe in which the violence rules over all aspects of life. In Bangerlands 3 you will get to experience the sexuality of that universe, something that the original game is not offering, but something we all want to experience, since they designed those characters so damn sexy. Because of copyright regulations, the creators of this xxx game parody couldn’t give us the original characters, but all the babes in the Bangerlands 3 are looking just as sexy as Amara and Moze.

The Graphics and The hot Characters

The graphics in this game are amazing. First of all, they look just like in the original series, with that cartoonish or comic book vibe to them. When it comes to the design of the characters, they went a bit further in this porn game parody, in the sense in which they made the babes a bit curvier. The vixens have big tits and nice asses, they are a bit taller and they also have longer sexy legs. But I love that they kept that face paint on them and also, I like the fact that when they get naked, they still have some space suit elements on their body, which adds to the excitement and keeps you in the lore of the game. In the same time, another thing I adore about the games of this site is the facial expressions of the babes.

They really made their faces responsive to all the sex that’s going on in the action, with means frightened faces for the chicks who are in submissive positions and evil faces for the dominators. Talking about dominators, they also added a trans character. I will let you discover who is the chick from the original game who has got a dick in this xxx remake. All in all, if you played the original game, you should really try Bangerlands 3. But it’s also great for someone who has never played the original.

Review Pros

  • Proper Porn Game Parody
  • Kinky Sex Action
  • Long Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Takes A Couple Of Minutes To Load

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