Grand Fuck Auto

Grand Fuck Auto – The GTA XXX Game

Who doesn’t like the GTA game series? It has thrilling action, it has fast cars, shootings and all kinds of hot chicks. But what always bothered me about the GTA games is the fact that we never get to see the kinky action. We get to go to strip clubs, pick up hookers and have girlfriends, we even get to take them for a quick fuck, but we never see any action. Everything is censored. That’s why the Grand Fuck Auto is so pleasing to play. Besides hot sex scenes, Grand Fuck Auto also gives you the chance to drive around, get chased by police, complete missions and shoot people on the streets.

The Graphics

Grand Fuck Auto is an older game. It’s not based on the new installments in the series. Although it came out around 2014, it’s not modeled on San Andreas and not even on Vice City. The part in which you drive around is modeled on the first GTA game, in which you will see the world from above. The driving part of the game does look a bit retro, but it would be too complicated to make it otherwise. A porn game that would imitate the new episodes of GTA would be too big to be played online and too expensive to produce to be given away for free. But the game looks pretty good. In fact, it looks better than the first GTA game on which it is based.

The Gameplay

The gameplay on Grand Fuck Auto has two main parts. The first one is the one in which you drive around, get into shootouts with gangsters and police and complete missions to gather money and experience points. The more you progress the more erotic rewards you will get. The story of the game will bring lots of women in your way, but you can also get into strip clubs and pick up hookers for some kinky action. The fact that the porn content in this game comes as a reward will keep you playing to get more. That’s what makes Grand Fuck Auto an interesting title.

Review Pros

  • GTA Porn Game Parody
  • Interesting Gameplay
  • Erotic Rewards

Review Cons

  • Graphics Are A Bit Old

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