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Sex Emulator – Next Gen Online Sex Gaming

When it comes to online adult games, the industry is booming in the past years. The game engine became cheaper and easier to use, so teams of designers are putting out games that will blow your mind. Like the Sex Emulator game for example, which comes completely free, doesn’t require registration or download, and it features some amazing graphics with characters that are so detailed, you will start believing they are in fact real girls filmed with some kind of video game SnapChat filter. I also like the customization that you will get in this game, which takes thing a bit further than what we’re used with from all the other games of the moment. And get this! The Sex Emulator is only in beta, which means that they will add to the awesomeness. Let’s see what makes this title so cool.

Create Your Perfect Chick

With the Sex Emulator porn game, you will be able to customize your dream girl as you wish. First of all, you will get to choose her ethnicity, which is pretty rare in the world of online games. I haven’t seen more than three or four free sex games to offer you this option. You can choose between white, black and Asian. Hopefully they will add Latina after they finish with the beta, and how awesome would it be if they would also add an Arab option. But I digress. After you choose the ethnicity, you will be able to play with the size of the girls’ asses and boobs, but also with their hair colors. These are just the beta customization and I’m sure they will add more body feature options in the future. Besides bodies, you can also customize the environment in which you will experience the action in Sex Emulator. Choose between a classroom, a dungeon, a bedroom and even a space ship. Besides, you can choose what sex skills your character has and by playing you can max out all the skills.

The Gameplay and Graphics

The gameplay on Sex Emulator is pretty sweet, but it only features you and the sexy character. There are no other characters involved. Everything you will do to your perfect chick can be selected from a menu that only has 15 actions at the moment, amongst which you will find anal, feet play, pussy sex and fingering, but also some kinkier fetishes, such as fisting, tentacle insertions, furry play and spanking. Once you select a kink, the girl will do it while she talks dirty to you. The game is in the same time a nice Jerk Off Instruction source. All in all, it’s a perfect gameplay, with excellent voice-overs, with amazing graphics and physics. It will also let you play with the camera angle and with the zooming options, and you can even take screenshots in the game. I can’t wait for the final version to be released. But until then I will have fun with the beta and you should do the same thing.

Review Pros

  • Next Gen Graphics
  • Highly Customizable
  • Sexy Voice-overs

Review Cons

  • Game Still In Beta

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